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Who we are

EduSages a division of SupportSages, first time enters into the market to provide high quality IT training for the candidate to support them to become day1 productive. Today every company needs smart worker instead hard worker. Company doesn’t have much time to focus on a particular candidate. With a vision to train and mould the best IT professionals, EduSages is going to establish itself as a leading finishing school. We have a strong focus on quality training and has pioneered a unique way to groom students with its Smartlab Plus training methodology.

  • "When training becomes passion for a trainer then students will really enjoy it. I saw that enthusiasm in edusages. Every day I found higher level of training effort by the faculty. It really influenced me to complete my course successfully. First time I learned something by enjoying it" - Shehzad Abdul

  • " I already learned and have much knowledge about Linux before joining edusages but I was totally wrong, after getting first one week training I realize that there is lot to learn. Industrial level teaching is what we all need and I got that stuff from here. Thanx is not at all enough for edusages. " - Sangeetha

  • "I can say this openly When I joined here they didn’t asked me for any fees they told me to attend the two days class after that its my decision to pay and continue. I feel and experienced there confident level of teaching and am damn confident that this institution will become one of the leading finishing school in the world." - sajid

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